Welcome to the works of Jason D. Martin
Monologue from
Endangered Species
by Jason D. Martin
Adrian is the leader of a protest group that would like to stop a Native
American whale hunt that is about to take place.  The character is a male
and can be played as any age from thirty to sixty-years-old.
When I was a young man I used to hunt.  At first chipmunks, little birds...  
Small things ya' know.  My brother...  He was a real hunter.  Bow hunter.  
Midwest ya' know.  When hunting season opens nobody goes to work.  
Everybody's out hunting.  My brother used ta' bring home the most
beautiful deer in the world.  Huge bucks.  When I was twelve or thirteen he
said it was time I got out and did some real hunting.  He gave me a bow
and out we went.  We wandered around in the snow for a long time.  I was
cold and every time I opened my mouth to say so, he told me to shut up.  
Said I'd scare the deer away.  Finally we saw one.  Beautiful.  Eight point
buck.  Huge.  Well, Mike said I could take a shot at it...  Seeing as how it
was my first time bow hunting.  So that's what I did...  I took a shot at it.  
Pause.)  I hit it.  I hit the goddamn thing right in it's left flank.  Nothing
happened.  Not really.  It ran away.  I didn't expect that.  I thought it would
just die, but it didn't.  It ran away.  We lost it...  It was so far ahead.  Mike
said that it would slow down eventually and that when it did...  We followed
a trail of blood in the snow.  There was so much blood in the snow, I...  
Finally, hours after I put the arrow into it we found the buck.  It had lost so
much blood.  It was dragging itself through the snow.  It wanted to live so
badly.  I couldn't...  It's eyes.  There was terror in its eyes.  Mike had to,
you know...  And that was it.