Beginner Routes
of the
The following page is dedicated to those that I have had the pleasure of guiding in the past.  Often the question
arises after a successful ascent of Mt. Baker as to what should be next.  What should be my first foray on my
own into the mountains?

Here I have compiled a series of routes that are for Cascade beginners that are first venturing into the world of
the mountains.  The lists are in ascending order, from the easiest route to the hardest.  I have listed the route and
the appropriate guidebook for information on the route.

One should start with the snow routes, work their way through them, and then attack the glacier routes.  After
some sort of tenure with rock climbing at the crags, and experience on snow and glacier climbs, the alpine rock
listed here will provide a great adventure for those willing to attempt them.

Please read the
disclaimer in this website.  And always always always be aware of the weather and potential
conditions that could lead to falling, avalanches, or a white-out.  
If for any reason you feel uncomfortable
with where you are or what is going on around you, turn back.
The mountain will still be there when you
come back later.
Beginner Snow Routes
Beginner Glacier Routes
Beginner Alpine Rock Routes
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