Full Length Plays
Jason D. Martin
Endangered Species

Modern Native Americans attempt to revitalize their tradional whale hunt in this Brechtian exploration of culture,
tradition, and the environment. The play is split into two time frames.  On one level, the audience watches the
historical background of these people and how they lost their traditions.  In the modern setting the audience sees
this group of Native Americans fiercely fighting to regain that which they have lost.  For additional information,

Production History:
This play had a workshop production at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Production Requirements:
This show can be done with a cast of twelve, however the production may include an additional chorus.  It
requires four women, six men, and two children/teenagers.  Ideally the show includes a number of Native
American cast members.
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One Act Plays
Ten Minute Plays
Teen Plays
Mamma's Boy

A young man, dominated by his overbearing mother, brings home a mail order bride.  The young Russian
woman quickly learns that the disfunction in that house is much deeper than one might expect.

Production History:
This play has not yet been produced.

Production Requirements:
This piece can be done with a cast of three on a unit set.