Ten Minute Plays
Jason D. Martin
Jesus Christ is a Communist
Two militia-men awaiting Armageddon can't decide whether a visitor to their camp is Jesus Christ or a
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Bumper Stickers
Drivers maneuver vehicles with talking bumper stickers.  This is a rhythmic performance art play.  To
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Group Therapy and the Undead
The undead meet for a group therapy session to talk about their problems.  Click here for a monologue
sample from this play.  
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Schoolhouse Rock
In this one-woman show, a seriously unbalanced teacher provides an unlikely lesson to her students.  
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Digital Potato
Actors take revenge on patrons with cell phones and audience members that are asleep.  (Buy Script)

Team Players
A young basketball player tragically learns what it means to be a "team player."

To Murder a King
Hamlet, Claudius, and right wing gun store milita psychos don't mix.  (Buy Script)

The Magic Orgasm Ring
In this cross dressed comedy, a magic ring provides sexual prowess to those who wear it.  (Buy Script)

A Little Adventure
An elderly man decides to indulge himself with a life of crime.  To see a review of this hilarious play,
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Fear of Flying
An elderly woman must trick her husband into flying to their son's wedding.  Click here to read a review
of this play.
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