Film & Television Scripts
Expertise and Availablity
Jason D. Martin
This page has been established to provide examples of the past film and television experiences of
Jason D. Martin and for potential producers and agents to look at loglines and pitches for spec
scripts that have already been written.  There are no dialogue samples on this page.  If you are
interested in dialogue samples from other dramatic works, please
click here.
Feature Film Spec Scripts
The Mountain Dwellers
The Mountain Dwellers is taut action adventure script.  A beautiful female mountain climber must
rescue an injured fellow climber deep in the backcountry.  A difficult rescue becomes even more
difficult when she comes upon a military operation attempting to capture dangerous mountain
dwelling creatures. To find out more,
click here.
Television Spec Scripts
Law and Order: Criminal Intent
Detectives Goren and Eames must track down the killer of a high profile environmentalist.
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Feature Film Screenwriting Experience
Chasing the Moon
This was a contracted project which was initiated by Laguna Films, an independent production
company.  The screenplay is an adaptation of John Weld's autobiography,
Fly Away Home, and
follows the adventures of this stuntman from Hollywood's formative years for a fair portion of his
life.  No production date has been set.
Movie Reviews
As a graduate of the prestigious dramatic writing program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas,
Jason has a unique understanding of criticism.  For samples of his work as a critic please see the
Writing Samples page in this website.